Why ‘Dr.Suh Pillow’ is so special? 

It is Korea's first functional pillow made by a double major in orthopedic surgery & rehabilitation medicine.

"Why wouldn't it be comfortable to sleep with any pillow?"

Dr.Suh’ has researched to figure out the answer caused from the worries.

No matter how expensive the pillow is, it’s useless if the height and curve are not balanced
with the line of cervical vertebrae (the C shaped curve of neck bone, also known as C curve) 

- Representative doctor, Dr. Suh from Barunsesang hospital -

If we keep using the pillow which is not for you, it not only could burden shoulders and neck,
but also cause chronic fatigue or cervical herniated disc. Dr.Suh has been treating the patients related to
musculoskeletal system for 25 years and he has been interested that most symptoms such as neck, shoulder pain,
arm, or hand soreness are caused from the neck.

Pillows are a very important daily necessity to prevent and improve these illnesses.
In the last five years, he has used data from Barunsesang hospital to analyze the cervical vertebrae of normal
people and pillows on the market to find the optimal pillow height and curve, and finally developed
‘Dr.Suh Pillow’ based on the results.

’Dr.Suh Pillow’ is designed to be the most similar form to the cervical curve during sleep,
so that the correct cervical vertebrae can be reproduced when lying upright, and it prevents snoring and pressing ears
and shoulders when lying sideways to maintain deep sleep.

The 3D ergonomic design for neck health

The 3D ergonomic design for neck health

when lying down right way

maintaining C curve from head to the end of neck

when lying down side ways

preventing shoulders and ears, jawline from being pressed.

There are lot of cervical vertebral pillows on the market,

are they all the same?

The first secret of the difference; premium material

natural latex

Manufactured only from natural latex grown on farm of LIEN'A, Vietnam's
largest latex manufacturer dealing with 45 countries, it is a safe material with excellent elasticity,
breathability and antibacterial effect based on eco - friendly materials.

new magic foam(memory foam)

High-density, low-elasticity manufactured one by one through the frame, not through bulk cutting,
for resilience and shock absorption.

The second secret of the difference; the best angle for deep sleep.

Dr. Suh Pillow is designed to present healthy daily life through stable sleep for those who
persistent pain due to deformations in the cervical curve or who can not sleep well due to bed discomfort.

Based on the data from Barunsesang Hospital and clinical experience of the medical staff,
it is designed to distribute pressure on the neck by reflecting 35°- 45°,
the optimal angle of cervical vertebrae for deep sleep.

The third secret of the difference; Reliable safety.

Radon, Thoron, formaldehyde, arylamine, PH-compliant safety certification!
Check the 97% natural latex content!

The fourth secret of the difference; Eco-friendly material from nature.

It is made of 100% organic cotton that has been cultivated and produced without chemical fertilizer
on farmland that has not used pesticide chemical fertilizer for more than three years,
providing a soft and comfortable feeling of use and excellent moisture absorption.

How to use‘Dr. Suh Pillow’

Use the convex part(Body part) facing toward your body and lie down.

How to manage‘Dr.Suh Pillow’

How to wash
In case of contamination of the pillow, put only the outer cover in the laundry net and wash it with wool.
Do not wash the pillow foam body as it may lose its original function or change its model.

How to care
memory foam
Wipe the inner cover and memory foam body with a dry towel as best as possible
and dry what’s left in the shade with good ventilation. (Never wash a memory foam body.)

Only wash the cover in case of contamination of the pillow, and wipe the latex body with a dry towel
as best as possible and dry what’s left in the shade with good ventilation. (*Never wash a latex body.)

Wipe the integral body with a dry towel or wet towel and dry it in the shade with good ventilation.


Wipe with a dry towel or wet towel in case of contamination of the pillow
and dry it in the shade with good ventilation.(Never wash pillow body foam)
Avoid using electric or hot water mats as much as possible. If using them together,
we recommend using additional rugs under the pillow.
Be careful not to expose the pillow body foam directly to sunlight, heat and salinity.
For the proper function of the cervical pillow, never bend the pillow in half or outwards to deform it.
Do not place heavy items on the pillow.
Place the pillow on the flat and use in a stable position.
Be aware that friction with the edge of the bed or pointed items may cause damage to the meterial.

Dr.Suh Pillow

Quality Assurance

This product was manufactured through strict quality control and only products
that passed appearance and property tests will be released.
This product will be compensated in accordance with the Fair
Trade Commission Notice of the Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards.
In the case of defective and misdelivered products, the exchange and return period is
within 14 days of receiving the product, and we offer an exchange or refund at our expense of 100%.
The customer has to pay for the delivery fee for a simple change of heart.
Please note that if the product is deformed or damaged due to customer carelessness, it can not be returned or exchanged.

There are lot of pillows on the market. However, the fact that it is based on years of medical experience
and data from a specialist is the strength of Dr. Suh Dong-won pillow, which is clearly differentiated from other pillows.

- MD. Suh dong-won, head of Barunsesang Hospital specialized for Joint & Spine,
Korea's first double major in orthopedic surgery & rehabilitation medicine -

Profile of Dr.Suh dong-won

  • This Graduation from Korea University, College of Medicine.

  • Acquisition of MD at Graduate School of Medicine, Korea University

  • Training and acquisition of a specialist in rehabilitation medicine at Korea University Guro Hospital

  • Completion of an orthopedic surgery major & acquisition of a specialist at Korea University Anam Hospital

  • Training as a research professor for many years at Harvard Medical School Musculoskeletal Laboratory

  • in charge of a national doctor at the 2012 London Olympics

  • currently) Chairman of Korea Football Association’s Medical Team

  • currently) head of Barunsesang Hospital